Private Lessons * Bands * Special Events

Our Approach

We know kids don’t just want lessons, they want to be in a band, on a stage, in front of a live audience. Let There Be Rock has a truly holistic approach to teaching students -- through individual lessons, live band performances, group instruction and specialty music clinics.  A complete immersion in the world of rock and roll!

Our Philosophy

"Forget the old school, Let there be ROCK school!"

Kids will be more motivated to learn, grow and excel musically, if they can use what they’ve learned and apply it to actual, real-life band experiences. Our students thrive not only musically, but socially, when they are able to form their own band and showcase their skills through the live performances at local venues.

Most music schools focus solely on the individual instruction. While this is important, we find that most students lose focus, and often their passion, when there is no outlet to express their musical skills. What kid would want to go to practice basketball each week in the driveway with an instructor but never never join a team or actually play a game?

This philosophy of a performance-based approach is what guides our vision and makes Let There Be Rock School truly unique.  


We are Durham's first rock and roll music school. Learn play music through expert guitar, bass, vocal, keyboard and drum instruction. Form your own bands, rehearse and record together, and perform live shows at popular rock venues in the area.

How do we do it?

Live shows

Our band member students perform live 3 - 4 times per year at a local music venue. We have put our concerts on at the legendary Cat's Cradle, Motorco Musical Hall and Local 506.  We also have stage time at many of the area festivals, including Carrboro Music Festival and Durham's Centerfest.


We make sure that our students learn in an upbeat, stimulating, and vibrant environment. Forming bands, interacting with professional instructors and collaborating with other students on various projects enhance the experience and make learning fun.  

Amazing instructors

Our instructors come from a variety of music backgrounds and bring loads of experience to share with the students. They not only know music, they are career musicians -- by touring, recording, writing songs.

Awesome space

Our 4,000 sq. foot school is equipped with state of the art music gear.  Our main performance room has a large stage with sound system. We set up a sense of community for the kids and encourage them to use our space to practice their music and creativity.