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Valence / Fall of the Albatross / Enigmatic Path


VALENCE: From the longest of islands comes the noodliest of instrumental progressive rock jams. Clean soaring melodies reminiscent of 70s jazz-fusion and precision craftsmanship makes Valence a delight for the discerning ear.

FALL OF THE ALBATROSS: Fall of the Albatross is one of our favorite bands to host. We've enjoyed their eclectic blend of metal, jazz, salsa and whatever other influences tickle their fancy in Chapel Hill at the dearly departed CHUG and our favorite Raleigh music hallway, Slims. Now we're bringing the magic to Durham.

ENIGMATIC PATH: Progressive metal with thrashy bits and spacey lyrics presented with intricate harmonies from some of our favorite nerds. Enigmatic Path has their eyes to the future and a deep appreciation for the prog gods of the past.